I am stuck and/or stuff isn't working. Where can I get some help or information?

We welcome your post on the forums!

What is the relationship between Google and the University of Waterloo Computer Science Club?

This contest originally was held at University of Waterloo, organized by the Computer Science Club. When we opened it to international contestants we also started allowing other volunteers. Now, only a small part of the many volunteers that we have come from the CSC. Google helps us out by sponsoring the contest, and helps us to spread the word at other universities around the world so that more people can take part.

Where can I see some strategy ideas?

Check out the strategy guide, where you will find a couple strategy guides, as well as the forums.

Can we have more source files than the ones that ones in the starter package? How does the auto-compile work?

You have to submit any and all source files that your entry requires in order to run. You can have as many source files as you want. Your main file needs to be MyBot.[extension], this is what will be used to auto-detect the language. The auto-compile script takes all the files, compiles each one, then links them together. Post to the forums if you need any help, and we'll be glad to address your specific case.

May I modify the provided code?

You may modify any of the provided files in a starter package. You may even delete them if your code does not require them, with the sole exception of MyBot.*. This file may be modified but not deleted.

How do the rankings work?

The entries in the competition are constantly being entered into matches. The results of those matches are processed using the TrueSkill ranking algorithm to provide a list.

Can I have more than one account?

No. People found to be in control of two or more accounts will be forever banished.

Can we make teams?

Yes, but say so in the "bio" field when you create the team's account.

There is no starter package for my favorite language. What shall I do?

You don't know C++, Java, or Python? Okay, fine. Tell the forums what starter package you want to see, and we will try our best to make it for you.

If you are able to write a starter package, please follow the starter package guide. When finished you can submit a pull request for us to look at; please put your bot in ants/dist/starter_bots.

Can contest staff participate in the contest?

Depends on their involvement in the contest. Admins that manage the servers are not allowed to participate, since they can potentially access other bots. Normal contributors are allowed to participate. See these guidelines for more details.

Are there any prizes?

Maybe. We're working on that. There is of course the glory and bragging rights that come with doing well in the best programming contest ever made.