The Google AI Challenge is designed, built, and operated completely by volunteers. As the number of participants has steadily grown, so has the amount of work required to make it all happen.

With the move to fully open-source, many of the contestants have been contributing code to help us keep up with the volume of feature requests and bug fixes. Thank you.

There are a few people who have been especially generous with their time and expertise. Our special thanks goes out to these individuals.


  • Original Idea: Mistmanov
  • j3camero (Jeff Cameron)
  • antimatroid (Nick Ham)
  • McLeopold (Scott Hamilton)
  • Visualizer: Frontier (Marco Leise)


  • Design: aarosig (Andrew Rossignol)
  • amstan (Alexandru Stan)
  • McLeopold (Scott Hamilton)

Manager & Worker

  • Janzert
  • McLeopold (Scott Hamilton)
  • sigh

Special Thanks

Full list of commiters